Konversi Angkot Bahan Bakar Gas

Konversi Angkot Bahan Bakar Gas

In Collaboration with Ministry of Transportation Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Republic of Indonesia, and Indonesia CNG Companies Association (APCNGI)

TINAGAS aimed to provide cleaner fuel for Public Minivan by using Compressed Natural Gas. The program will improve not only greener environment, but also reduce fuel subsidy by government and improve driver’s income up to 60% per year.

Started on 2007, until today TINAGAS has converted more than 500 cars which drive more than 20,000 National CNG Conversion with APCNGI and Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, from regulation to actions

Place & Date
Cirebon & Jakarta, 2010


  • CNG Conversion
  • Microfinance for NGV
  • NGV Station


  • >20,000 Family
  • >200 Microentrepreneurs
  • >1,000 employment